Pisa Moorings


Located on the shores of Lake Dunstan, this house has been shaped by its view and climate, while providing privacy from neighbouring properties and adjacent public walkways.

The design incorporates two separate guest quarters, each accessible independently off the main dwelling. The main space of the house is where it opens up to the stunning views of the lakefront.


The exterior cladding is robust and hardy to match the climate, while the interiors are softer, warmer with a combination of timbers, light grey bricks and warm whites. The house features a heat recovery ventilation system, and an integrated heating and cooling system which has been concealed and hidden away in bulkheads and kitchen cabinetry.

External elements have been carried through to the internal finishes: brick veneer walls, blackened steel plate fixed to Abodo battens which creates a subtle screen between the front entry door and living space beyond.



Better building

With the client based overseas for the duration of the build, trust and communication was key. This house has not only been designed to withstand the Central Otago climate, but to also fit in with the surroundings by using Abodo eco-timber. The owners are now living there full-time, and are enjoying the liveability ease the house provides – and with soft landscaping just starting, this house will only get better with time.

“…the relationship was always good, even though we were living on site throughout the build. I have heard so many horror stories of people falling out with their builders, but with Dave, the relationship got better and better. I never expected that at the end of the project we would miss our builder and regard him as a friend.”